User Guide-Store Owners

A guide to selling on Little Birdie

Hello artists and future store owners! Welcome to!

Finding a new website that you can use to showcase and sell your (or others’) art can sometimes be quite scary. Even just figuring out how to set up your shop and where to begin can often be overwhelming!

That’s why here we’ll walk you through the most important things to consider for launching a successful shop on!

What is Little Birdie and what can I use it for? is a new website, based around the concept of customers purchasing artist-designed cards and sending them anonymously either as Little Birdie cards or as Postcards to their family, friends, coworkers or others, as a surprise.

The goal of is to create a safe and trusted platform for customers, which they can use for interesting gifts and messages, while protecting their privacy.

To you – artist and shop owners – offers access to a new, broad marketplace. Any artist can easily create a store on Little Birdie, submit their designed products to be sold to customers, and even curate products from other artists to sell to their own audience. These products can be in the shape of an artist-designed card to be purchased by the customer and sent directly from our platform to the recipient’s mail, email or SMS.

Why use Little Birdie? has a fresh, catchy and viral-causing concept, guaranteeing the forming of a vast audience and community. Audience and community which you can be an integral part of and to which you can display and sell your work!

Great! How do I go about doing that?

It’s easy!

  1. Sign up! For store-owners the process is a simple and straightforward registration via email! Registering as a store owner requires a one-time $25 fee, however since Little Birdie is just now spreading its wings, the first 500 store owners can register for free! Additionally, in the future registering will also be free if you’re invited to by another artist!
  2. Set up your profile and page! Add a cool avatar and an engaging description, and start filling your store with cards for customers to view and purchase! And since everything that’s being sold on is visual, there are no hurdles in creating a cool-looking shop and profile, taking pictures of your products, etc. – just upload your work to the website and if it’s good, it will look good!
  3. The prices at are as follows:
    • $X for a custom, artist-designed email.
    • $X for an SMS.
    • $X for a 4″x6″ Postcard.
    • $X for a package of 25 stickers.
    • $X for downloadable stickers you can print yourself.
  4. Invite other artists and store owners! Not only will they be able to register at for free, but you’ll also get a percentage of their sales! And since you can curate and sell other stores’ items, there’s virtually no competition on Little Birdie – everyone is working with and for everyone!
  5. Promote your store! Let the world know about your work and art, and they will come! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and all other social media – the world is your stage!
  6. And the final and most important step – have fun!