How you earn revenue

We pay you commissions for all sales at your store.

You get paid when customers buy Little Birdie cards at your store. SendALittleBirdie will share a sales commission of fifteen (15) percent of our margin from any product which you sell in your store. You get paid on both cards you have uploaded and cards from other SendALittleBirdie stores which you curate into your store.

We pay you royalties for all your uploaded cards.

If the card which sells is one uploaded by you, we will pay you both the sales commission of fifteen (15) percent of margins for making the sale in your store and a royalty of twenty-five (25) percent of margins from that card because it was your card which sold.

We pay you royalties when other stores sell your cards.

We encourage other stores on SendALittleBirdie to curate your cards and to promote them for sale to their audiences, thus earning you royalties if your cards are sold.

You will earn the twenty-five (25) percent of margins royalty from any of your uploaded cards we sell, whether it sells within your store or within other stores at SendALittleBirdie, or if we sell it in any other way.

We pay you anytime we get paid for your images in the future.

If we ever sell your image at any time in the future, we will pay you a royalty of twenty-five (25) percent of our margins.

We will pay you your royalty on each image after we approve your uploaded Image.  You will be paid royalties for as long as we are protected by applicable copyright law (which in the U.S. is generally our lifetime plus 70 years).

We pay based on our margins.

All payouts to you are based on our margins. We define margins as the total price of a card minus variable costs related to the sale of that card. Variable costs are items, such as printing, production, moderation, delivery, credit card processing, and sales commissions. Your payment gets calculated and you get paid before we take out our general overhead expenses.

Here’s how much we pay you per card.

Margins are confusing and we know that you want to know how much you’ll earn each time a card is sold. As an estimate (based on our current products and costs), you can expect:

  • 11-17% (depending on the product) of the total product sale price paid to the artist.
  • 6-10% (depending on the product) of the total product sale price paid to the store making the sale.
  • So, if you are the artist and the sale takes place in your store, you’ll receive 15-27% (depending on the product) of the total product sale price. For example, a $2 postcard sale would earn you $.55 if you were the artist who created the card and if they sale took place in your store.

Get paid every 30 Days

You will get paid any money due you every 30 days by the 10th of the month. If we owe you more than $5. (If we owe you under $5, we’ll roll it into the next month.) You will be paid via PayPal.