Little Birdie delivers your messages with style.

How does Little Birdie work?

Choose a Little Birdie card for any situation.

Our artist-designed Little Birdie cards help convey your feelings from a distance. Browse unique collections, peruse crowd favorites, or use our search engine to find your perfect card.

Add a personalized message.

To ensure the message complies with our anti-bullying policy, we’ll review your message before it’s sent.

Tell us how you want your Little Birdie delivered.

Each delivery method includes a link for online pickup by the recipient.

Little Birdie Delivery Methods

  • icon phone delivery


    Know the recipient’s home or office address?  We can send your Little Birdie as a postcard printed in full color.

  • icon phone delivery

    Greeting Card

    We can send your Little Birdie as a private greeting card sealed in an envelope.

  • icon phone delivery

    Text Message

    Know the recipient’s mobile phone number? This option sends the recipient a personalized SMS text message.

We deliver your Little Birdie.

No matter how we deliver your anonymous cards, you’ll get notification when the recipient clicks on the accompanying link and visits your Little Birdie card online.  We’ll also notify you if a recipient posts a return message so you can safely chat without the recipient knowing who you are.