Curation and Collections Overview

Store owners can organize cards into collections, to group similar cards together for customers to easily browse and make purchases.  For example, you might have a collection called Trump or one called Pet Peeves.  You can curate your cards AND cards from any other store into your collections.  While logged in, simply hover over any card and click on the curate link.  Select which collection for it to go or create a new collection on the fly.  Then, that card will be listed in a collection for sale in your store.
You manage your collections from your store dashboard, including adding, deleting, renaming, and reordering them (coming soon).
store dashboard image
Collections help customers find your cards.  Your collections will appear in the list of results when customer are searching for similar cards.
You and any visitor to your store can easily share a collection to social media.
Admin Share Method: When logged in, you can share it from your Manage Store Cards page, pictured below.
sharing collection
Public Share Method: When viewing your store, you can also click the collection name to launch a new window showing only that collection.
Collection sharing
Social media and email share tools are on this page, pictured below.
sharing collection
An example of emailing a collection, pictured below.
Emailing a collection