Calling All Artists!

October 2016

Let’s sell Little Birdie cards together. Are you a talented artist who can illustrate and write clever lines? Register for an Artist Store. If approved, you can upload cards for sale. There’s no cost. But stores are reserved for great artists.

Personalize your store

Give your store a unique name and web address ( Upload your own logo. Flesh out your profile with info about you and links to your website and social media pages.

Design and submit cards.

Imagine any scenario which deserves a Little Birdie. It’s fun to brainstorm the possibilities. Design cards and upload them for us to review. After a card is approved, it appears for sale in your store and is available for a growing network of stores on SendALittleBiride to curate. Learn about our artwork requirements.

Curate cards into collections at your store.

Create “Collections” in your store to organize cards which belong together. For example, you might add one for High School Crushes or Office Politics. You can even curate other artists’ cards into your collections to sell yourself. We are all in this together; you and the original artist will both make money when web visitors buy a curated card from your collection.

We handle all the business issues so you don’t have to.

Whenever a buyer purchases a card in your store, Little Birdie will fulfill that sale. We take care of collecting the money and delivering the cards. From marketing your cards to customer service, we free you to focus on designing great cards.

Earn money.

You earn royalties when visitors buy cards you’ve design, whether they are bought at your store or at other stores which curate your cards. And, you earn a commission from sales of any cards at your store – cards you’ve designed yourself or cards you’ve curated from other artists. Learn how to earn revenue here.


Apply for a Little Birdie artist store.