Artwork Requirements


You must upload artwork exactly to these specifications or the system will not let you upload your card. The submission size is required for printing on our greeting cards. We will optimize your card images for display on our website.

Little Birdie Card Artwork Requirements

  • Upload images with the full card dimensions including the bleed:

    7.25” width x 5.25” height 300 dpi or 2176 px (width) x 1576 px (height) 

  • Don’t include important text in the bleed area. It will get cut off when printing as a 4”x6” postcard or 5” x 7.5” greeting card
  • Do not include crop marks. (We’ll handle that.)

  • Allow room for the watermark.  You can pick one of nine places for the watermark.  You can preview your card after you pick the watermark location.
  • Printed size of greeting card: 5” height x 7” wide
    Printed size of postcard: 4” height x 5.6” wide

Approved cards are final.

You may not delete or remove your cards after they are submitted to us. Artists who earn Trusted Artist status may edit a card’s description, tags, and the position of the watermarks.

Once your cards are approved, other stores curate those cards into unique collections and invest energy in promoting them. Given the investment we all make in promoting cards, we cannot allow them to be edited or deleted.